Advantages of SMR NPPs

Small nuclear power plants are an optimal solution for a sustainable and reliable power supply to consumers in remote areas away from central grids. They can also replace old diesel and coal power plants that release high amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. SMR NPPs have a number of advantages in addition to the traditional benefits of nuclear generation.


The land-based and floating small nuclear power plants with plant RITM series reactors have been designed with an eye to target commercial indicators to ensure a competitive selling price of electric energy compared to diesel and coal sources of generation. Moreover, the unique capabilities of these nuclear designs considerably broaden the market for this type of energy solution.

Multipurpose use

Small nuclear power plants with RITM series reactors are a multi-functional design, which apart from power generation can be used to supply heat and desalinate water.

Small size

The plants have a small size providing for modular production, which in turn ensures higher quality standards. The relatively small size of reactors makes it possible to deploy several power units on site of a small nuclear power plant.

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