27 August 2020 | Press Service of Rusatom International Network

The Indonesian Nuclear Society hosted a webinar "The world's first floating nuclear power plant and it’s possible use in archipelagic countries".  The primary goal of the webinar organized with support of Rosatom regional center in Southeast Asia was to bring the local Indonesian audience the understanding of Russian small modular reactor (SMR) technologies, specifically, advantages of using Floating Nuclear Power Plants (FNPP) as safe and economically efficient sources of clean base-load energy.

Rosatom speaker Artem Larionov shared latest news regarding Russian SMR technologies, including land-based and floating nuclear power plants. The speaker went through a fruitful discussion with the audience, which showed a deep interest to the advantages of using a floating nuclear power plants. Artem Larionov reminded that in May Rosatom has already successfully commissioned its FNPP Akademik Lomonosov, the world’s unique reference project for nuclear power plants of this type.

The webinar was moderated by Mr. Djarot Wisnubroto, former head of National Nuclear Energy Agency of Indonesia (BATAN), who currently serves as BATAN senior counselor. Mr. Wisnubroto highlighted, that nowadays many countries are shifting their energy production patterns, making the case for replacing hydrocarbons with reliable and emission-free energy sources of the new generation. In this new energy paradigm, which relies heavily on renewable energy sources, power plants based on SMRs, - such as FNPPs, can help the atomic industry to maintain its position on the global market.

The event gave some 300 participants from Indonesia and other countries an opportunity to broaden their knowledge about Russian SMR technologies and the advantage of floating nuclear power plants for archipelago countries.


About Rosatom

ROSATOM is the only company in the world that has the resources and competencies to offer energy solutions across the nuclear supply chain. It possesses a wide range of assets, including assets in design, construction and operation of nuclear power stations, uranium mining, conversion and enrichment, supply of nuclear fuel, decommissioning, spent fuel storage and transportation and safe nuclear waste disposal. Rosatom is also engaged in the production of equipment and isotope products for the needs of nuclear medicine, scientific research, and materials science, the production of digital and of various nuclear and non-nuclear innovative products. The company’s strategy is to develop low-carbon power generation projects, including in the wind generation field. Today the company brings together over 300 enterprises and organizations and over 250,000 employees.

The 75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry

The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry. Russia has always been a pioneer in the peaceful use of atomic energy. In 1954, Russian scientists launched the first nuclear power station, and today Rosatom already has three units with the latest 3+ generation reactors. Over three quarters of a century thanks to the Russian nuclear industry nuclear units have appeared in many foreign countries, and today Rosatom is the leader in terms of the size of its foreign portfolio. Rosatom has the world's only nuclear icebreaker fleet, the most powerful fast neutron reactor; it contributes to digitalization as well as nuclear medicine.


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