Nuclear Energy Agency of Bolivia Sends Employees to Tomsk Polytechnic University for Training
10 July 2019 | Rusatom Overseas JSC Press Service

Within the framework of the Center for Nuclear Technology Research and Development (CNTRD) project, which is currently being developed in cooperation with the Rosatom State Corporation in El Alto (Bolivia), 13 employees at the Nuclear Energy Agency of Bolivia (ABEN in Spanish) were admitted to the Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), one of Rosatom's partner universities. The training will last until October 2019.

The training course was developed in English and is aimed at fostering the knowledge and skills necessary to safely operate the Multipurpose Irradiation Center, one of the CNTRD facilities. The training course covers a variety of disciplines, such as basic nuclear physics, radiation protection and safety, physical and chemical analysis techniques. Besides, the students will be taught technical terminology in English, Russian, and Spanish. The course will be administered by the employees at the TPU’s School of Nuclear Science & Engineering.

ABEN and the Rosatom State Corporation executed the agreement to deploy a Center for Nuclear Technology Research and Development (CNTRD) in El Alto (Bolivia) on 19 September 2017, within the framework of the 61st  session of the IAEA General Conference in Vienna. The project to deploy the Center in Bolivia is a unique case within the global atomic industry. The place the Bolivian party chose for the Center will be the highest site in the world (4000 meters above sea level) to ever host a nuclear facility.
The Center will comprise a nuclear research reactor (the PWR type) with a nameplate capacity of 200 kW, a Multipurpose Irradiation Center featuring an industrial gamma irradiation plant, a cyclotrone-radiopharmacy complex, as well as other facilities and research laboratories. The CNTRD will pave the way for nuclear technology applications in the agriculture, medicine, industry, and other important areas of human activity.
The GSPI JSC (a subsidiary of the Rusatom Overseas JSC) is the general contractor of the construction project. Rusatom Overseas JSC is an affiliate of the Rosatom State Corporation that promotes the integrated solution for small and large NPP's and Centers for Nuclear Science and Technology in the international market.


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