Construction of Kudankulam NPP 2nd stage has commenced
4 July 2017 | Press Service of АSE Group of Companies

On 29 June 2017 the ceremony of pouring concrete into the foundation slab of the reactor compartment of Kudankulam NPP Unit No. 3 marked the commencement of construction works at construction site of the NPP second stage. 

Joint work in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy is one of the key areas of the Russian-Indian cooperation.  Joint document “Strategic vision of strengthening Russian-Indian cooperation in peaceful use of atomic energy” foresees the construction of at least 12 power units in India under Russian design before 2020.  

“We intend to continue sharing our best practices with India in this important industry, facilitating the energy security of this friendly country”, Valery Limarenko, President of JSC ASE EC pointed out. - The construction of Kudankulam NPP with our assistance is a flagship project. At the end of 2016 – beginning of 2017 our company performed the final hand-over of the first power unit and the provisional hand-over of the second power unit to the customer; those events were commemorated by a festive ceremony of dedication of those power units to the people of India.  Today we commence the construction of the third and the fourth power units”.

According to the tradition, the pouring of first concrete into the foundation slab of NPP main buildings is one of the important milestones of an NPP construction. “This moment - the pouring of first concrete - marks the starting points of the NPP power units construction period that is defined in the contractual obligations. This event marks the commencement of full-scale construction, thermal and electrical erection works at the NPP site and the installation of Russian equipment at the NPP”, said Andrey Lebedev, vice-president for projects in South Asia of JSC ASE EC. 

For reference:

Kudankulam NPP is being constructed in Tamil Nadu state of India within the scope of the Russian-Indian agreement dated November 20th, 1988 and addendum thereto dated 21st June 2 1998, and within the scope of Agreement dated 08 December 2008. General Contractor (for detailed design, equipment supply and technical assistance) is JSC Atomstroyexport. General Designer is JSC Atomenergoproekt. The Customer is Nuclear Power Corporation of India (Ltd) (NPCIL). Kudankulam NPP is being constructed under design developed by JSC Atomenergoproekt with VVER-1000 MW power units, which is fully compliant with the requirements of valid regulatory and technical documents of Russia, IAEA and which is certified for compliance with EUR requirements.

Within the framework of the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of India on cooperation in construction of additional power units of Kudankulam nuclear power plant, as well as construction of nuclear power plant on new sites in the Republic of India according to Russian design, dated 5th December 2008, the Parties started implementation of the project of Kudankulam NPP power units 3 and 4 with VVER-1000 MW reactor plants each. 
In July 2012, Protocol to the Agreement on terms of extension of the Russian state credit for construction of Kudankulam NPP power units 3 and 4, was signed. In March 2013, the Indian governmental organizations approved the implementation of the Project (construction of power units 3 and 4). On 10.04.2014 the GFA on construction of Kudankulam NPP units 3 and 4 was signed. In January 2016, the Indian regulatory authority granted permission for commencement of the construction of Kudankulam NPP power units 3 and 4. Currently construction works are under way, the foundation pit is being excavated and a new administrative building has already been constructed. ASE has started the supply of design documentation, equipment and materials.

At the beginning of this month, on 1 June 2017, in Saint-Petersburg, in the course of the 18th Annual Russian-Indian Summit, ASE Group of Companies and Nuclear Power Corporation of India signed General Framework Agreement for the construction of Kudankulam NPP third stage in Tamil Nadu state (India). The intergovernmental credit protocol was also signed under which Russia has extended a credit for the delivery of equipment and documentation for the construction of the NPP third stage. The agreement envisages the construction of Kudankulam NPP power units 5 and 6 under Russian design. The documents necessary for the commencement of the construction of the NPP third stage define the obligations of the parties, the cost and other materials terms of cooperation. 

Earlier, on 19 June 2017, Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) granted a permit to NPCIL for pouring of first concrete for Kudankulam NPP power units 3 and 4.


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