Zambia Hails Russian Relations
16 June 2020

Government says it cherishes the long standing cordial bilateral relations that exists between Zambia and the Russian Federation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji said in an interview ahead of Russia’s National Day which falls today, that Zambia’s relations with Russia dates back to the liberation struggle from colonial rule.

Mr Malanji said the two have enjoyed increased cooperation in education, health, energy and security.

He also expressed optimism that once the nuclear project is completed it will help address the electricity deficit in the country and the region as a whole.

And Russian Federation Ambassador to Zambia Alexander Boldyrev says the interaction between Zambia and Russia is based on the principles of equality and mutual interest.

Mr Boldyrev added that the two countries have a strong commitment to building up mutual advantage collaboration in economical, political, scientific, ethical, technical and humanitarian fields.

He observed that the vast cooperation in the education sector since the early years of Zambia’s independence remains an exemplary showcase of the Russian-Zambian friendly partnership.

The Ambassador outlined that the key fields of study of Zambian students are medicine, agronomy and engineering, including the specialists in the sphere of peaceful use of atomic energy, who are planned to be involved in the work for the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology and for ZAMATOM.

Mr. Boldyrev said because of Zambia’s exceptional role in maintaining peace and security in Africa, Russia has continued offering support to enhance training of Zambian police officers in peace keeping.


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