Russia's Rosatom to allocate $1.2 mln for nuclear industry staff education annually
21 April 2017 | TASS

VIENNA, April 19. /TASS/. Rosatom will annually provide $1.2 mln to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in addition to membership fees and sponsorship for education of nuclear projects specialists in countries recently embarking on the path of nuclear power industry development, Chief Executive Officer of the Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom Alexei Likhachev said on Wednesday.

Priority in education will be given to specialists of countries implementing Russian nuclear projects, Likhachev said.

"In addition to its traditional contribution and sponsorship money, Russia will annually allocate $1.2 mln to the IAEA budget. This is a fairly significant contribution into a specific project against the overall background," the official said.

"We particularly highlight countries where we are building plants" when implementing the specialists training project, Likhachev added.

The budget will provide for training of at least 100 specialists per year in cooperation with IAEA, Rosatom said. Priority in training will be given to specialists from Bangladesh, Bolivia, Egypt, Indonesia and Jordan. Rosatom will make specialists training contributions amounting to $1.2 bln during three years, the state corporation said.

Extra money will also be spent for development of the regulatory base for the nuclear industry sector in these countries in addition to training, Likhachev said.

"Training is in the first instance, although certain funds from that budget can be spent for establishment of regulatory systems - development of the regulatory base in newcomer countries," he added.


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