Rosatom to make arctic and tropical hybrid of floating nuclear plant
2 December 2020 |

Russia’s Rosatom plans to update its floating nuclear power plant project to enable FNPPs to operate both in the Arctic zone and in tropical regions, Rosatom director for development and international business Kirill Komarov told a press conference on 26 November.

“Today we are working on a new project, in which we want to optimise this,” he said. “We are thinking about making both an Arctic and tropical implementation of this project, in order to be able to send it to other states with a different climate, so that it could work not only for the production of electricity, but also for the desalination of water, which is important for hot countries.”

Komarov said there is now a great demand for FNPPs along the entire perimeter of the Northern Sea Route, where a large number of projects are planned to be implemented. The updated design of the FNPP will also make it more efficient fr om an economic point of view.

Earlier, Rosatom’s corporate publication Strana Rosatom reported that the designers of the Iceberg Central Design Bureau had completed the draft design of an optimised FNPP, which can operate in hot countries. This will have two RITM 200M reactors designed by OKBM Afrikantov, which will provide consumers with 100MW of electric power, but does not have the option for heat output.

The capacity of the Akademik Lomonosov FNPP — currently operating in — is 70MWe or electricity and 50GCal/hour of heat.


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