Planned construction of the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology will support Zambia’s diversification agenda
26 April 2018 |

Rosatom Central and Southern Africa Communications Director Ryan Collyer says the construction of the Centre for Nuclear Science and Technology will support the country’s diversification agenda from over dependence on copper.

The planned center’s laboratories will allow for more accurate and efficient study of materials and samples such as rock composition to identify valuable materials and resources, which will increase economic benefits and export potential.

This is because the Center will effectively contribute to the country’s economic growth as it will see many developments such as job creation, growth of demand in other sectors of the economy, Mr. Collyer says.

Rosatom Central and Southern Africa Communications Director said this during a Nuclear Public Relations Boot camp in Lusaka today.

“ The plant will see the coming of different skilled man-power which will cater for different sectors of the economy such as agriculture, the medical sector such as the cancer treatment, “ he said.

He stated that the plant will also bring on board industry and construction sector development, social infrastructure development and export opportunities among others.

It is important for the Zambian people to be empowered with information and understand the benefits of the development so they may appreciate the move by government, Mr Mr. Collyer stated.

He appealed to all stakeholders to get on board and contribute to the dissemination of information to the public.

Speaking at the same event, University of Zambia ( UNZA ) Marketing Officer Joseph Siwo commended government for taking up the initiative to improve the living standards of the ordinary Zambians as the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Mr. Siwo stated that government need to do more to disseminate information so that the negative myths are eradicated adding that most people are skeptical about it because they do not fully understand much about nuclear energy and technologies.

Mr. Siwo also called upon government to invest funds in research towards nuclear science as the country can effectively utilize the country’s raw materials and develop local expertise in treatments of cancer.

He also called upon institutions such as the University of Zambia to take advantage of the knowledge of nuclear energy to explore the technology as it could probably be a way for fundraising for the country.

“ The sooner the institution grasps the expertise of the science the better as government could use the institution to process and be more strategic in giving expertise knowledge than outsourcing experts from outside the country, “ he said..

He said there are a lot of physicists at UNZA and those specializing in nuclear physics should take the opportunity for them to explore opportunities available in the nuclear industry.

The development of the Center will contribute to the development of science and education, Mr. Siwo further explained .

Recently government signed an intergovernmental agreement with Russia for the construction of the Nuclear Centre in Chongwe Constituency.


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