Cuba interested in building a nuclear research reactor
23 November 2016 | Interfax

Cuba is interested in building a nuclear research reactor on its territory, Nikolai Spassky, Deputy CEO of the Rosatom State Corporation, told the press.

'The Cuban Government at this stage announced the country has no plans to use nuclear energy, however, Cuba is very interested in developing non-energy applications', he said, explaining that non-energy applications stand for nuclear medicine, agriculture, industry, transport, security, etc. to the extent of building a research reactor.

According to Mr Spassky, Rosatom is greatly satisfied to know that there is an intergovernmental agreement signed between Russia and Cuba concerning peaceful applications of nuclear energy; according to the international law, virtually nothing can be done without the intergovernmental papers. 'This document allows for developing concrete projects, and there are some', Mr Spassky added.

As it was reported, Russia and Cuba had signed an intergovernmental agreement concerning peaceful applications of nuclear energy in September.


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