Bushehr nuclear power plant hits record high in electricity generation
12 April 2018 | Mehrnews.com

Head of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Hossein Ghaffari in an interview with MNA correspondent said here on Tuesday that the power plant generated 7.4 billion kW/hour in the past Iranian calendar year in 1396 (ended March 20, 2018) and registered a new record since its implementation.

Given the above issue, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant delivered 6.8 billion kW/hour electrical energy to the nationwide power grid, he maintained.

Accessing high power generation has been cited as the other important characteristic of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, he said, adding, “according to statistics, annual operation coefficient hit 85.3 percent, the rate of which stood at about nine percent higher than the corresponding rate in the past Iranian calendar year in 1395 (ended March 20, 2017).”

Optimal operation of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant boosted the unit’s load coefficient (proportion of generated electrical energy to the nominal capacity), showing a significant nine percent growth as compared to the sale period of last year in 1395 (ended March 20, 2017).

He pointed to the salient achievements taken in Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant such as technical inspection of operation of heat exchanger, basic repair and maintenance services of three circulation pumps, hydraulic test of 93 coils, assembling the thermal insulations of pipelines with the aim of technical inspection of operation, etc.  

With the termination of preplanned activities and start of commissioning tests, Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant will be connected to the nationwide grid in the next month, he observed.

In conclusion, Head of Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant Hossein Ghaffari said, “not only Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant has prevented emission of about 26 million tons of various types of pollutants, but also it has brought about considerable saving consumption of fossil fuel equivalent to 44.6 million oil barrels.”

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant was put into operation in 2011.


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