Energy Solution

Rosatom State Corporation has its assets throughout the nuclear industry production chain. We convert and enrich uranium products, fabricate fuel, design and construct NPPs, operate in the field of nuclear engineering, thermal and electrical power generation. This allows Rosatom State Corporation to offer a comprehensive power solution to its customers.

Rosatom companies offer turn-key NPP construction services, including power plant designing, technical support of its operation, arrangement of construction and installation, equipment and material supply, commissioning and start up of the power plant to our foreign customers.

Main technical characteristics and advantages:
1200 MW Installed capacity (e) 60+ years Lifecycle 90% Availability factor at least

The flagship of our energy solution is evolutionary reactor design VVER-1200. The VVER technology uses a two-circuit nuclear steam-generating plant with a thermal neutron reactor, wherein normal pressurized water serves as the coolant and the moderator.

The Russian-designed VVER-1200 NPP App

Thanks to the augmented reality technology, you can visualize a 3D model of the Russian-designed NPP using the camera on your device.


How to use:

1. Download the Russian-designed NPP App on your device (iPhone, iPad or Android)

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              App for iPhone                                App for iPad                                 App for Android  

2. Download and print out the marker:


3. Open the App and position the camera on the marker.

The VVER Technology Features:

1. Horizontal steam generators with oversized water stocks.
2. Fuel assemblies (FA) with hexagonal cross section.
3. E110 zirconium alloy for the fuel assemblies (FA).
4. Spent nuclear fuel storage pool is inside the reactor vessel.
5. Double containment with filter ventilated annulus.
6. Core catcher with sacrificial material.
7. First circuit passive cooling system.

The VVER technology combines the reliability of long proven engineering solutions and super-reliable safety systems developed in accordance with the post-Fukushima requirements.

Main technical characteristics and advantages of NPPs based on the VVER-1200 reactor design:

  • Installed capacity (e): 1200 MW
  • Lifecycle: 60+ years
  • Availability factor at least 90%
  • Digital I&C
  • Low-speed turbine (option)
  • 72 hours of self-contained operation
  • Cycling unit (range 100-50-100) (option)
  • Fuel cycle: 12-18 months; fuel burn-up up to 70 MW•d/kg(U)
  • Compliance with the post-Fukushima safety requirements:
    • Combination of passive and active safety systems
    • High level of internal reactor plant safety based on the reference, tested and proven VVER solutions
    • Seismic level (SL-2) ≤ 0.3 g

NPP operation safety is our top priority. That is why we apply a combination of fast-response active and super-reliable passive safety systems in our energy solution. The technical solutions applied in VVER-1200, such as the spent fuel storage pool inside the containment, filters at the outlet of the vented annulus, a unique design of core catcher with sacrificial material and an unmatched passive heat removal system, allow to say that VVER-1200 is a generation III+ reactor plant that is fully compliant with the post-Fukushima safety requirements.

In addition, Rosatom State Corporation constructs long-proven on the market NPPs based on the VVER-1000 reactor plants, low-capacity NPPs and floating power units as part of its power generation offer.

Service Solution

The companies of the Rosatom State Corporation management system have a great experience in comprehensive servicing and modernization of NPPs based on the Russian design. 

Fuel Solution

We commit ourselves to the whole range of solutions for NPP fuel cycle management, from fuel fabrication to SNF and RW treatment.

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